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The Importance of Lawn Aeration

What do you think the best action you can take to care for your lawn is?



-Regular Mowing


-Spring and fall cleanups

– Aeration 

If you ask a Precision team member, they would say these are all important to a healthy lawn. They would also say that the single most important and beneficial action you can take to care for your lawn is aeration. 

Aerating your lawn provides it with many great benefits. It allows water and nutrients to penetrate through the dense soil. This allows the grass roots to grow deeper and stronger giving you a thicker and healthier lawn. If you want to help your lawn even further, it can be very effective to fertilize your lawn after an aeration. The fertilizer is much more effective after an aeration and will help to fight against weeds. Another benefit of lawn aeration is the removal and further breakdown of thatch. Thatch accumulates in your lawn over time and prevents water and nutrients from getting to your grass roots. One final benefit from aerating your lawn is that it can reduce water runoff and puddling in your lawn. This leads to better tolerance for heat and droughts. 

The best time to aerate your lawn is in the Spring or Fall! 

In the midwest where we have cool seasons, it is best to aerate in the spring and fall. In the spring you can aerate from March to May and in the fall from August to November. Aerating is more effective at these times because it allows for the most root growth and benefits from fertilizer. 

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