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Case Studies 


Below are case studies that we want to share with the public. We enjoy solving problems with established practices and unique landscape solutions. Our crews are true professionals and can help solve any landscape issue that you may have. 



Water Runoff


We installed a system of permeable pavers along a roadside and parking lot because they were having runoff issues. There were washouts and pollutants getting into the river below. Our permeable paver system will now catch all the runoff and send it back into the ground while also filtering it.


Paver patio


permeable pavers


Our Permeable Paver system allows water to travel through gaps in the pavers and travel through multiple layers of sand and gravel. This filters the runoff that is going back into the earth while also slowing down the volume of runoff that is eroding roadsides and landscapes.  







Rain Garden & Stream Beds

According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, "Rain gardens are planted depressions that collect stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, such as roofs and streets, and filter pollutants out of the runoff water." A rain garden can contain a drain that allows the water to flow back into a storm sewer. Rain gardens without an underlying drain still filter the water but then allow it to flow into the soil beneath. 

A rain garden works by creating a depression in the native soil and digging a pit to fill with a special mix of sand, compost, and clay in order to support plant life but also allow water to drain through it. This mix of soil is particularly effective at filtering out pollutants from the water runoff. 

Our team at Precision designed this set of stream beds that lead to a rain garden at the end. The rain garden gets filled up from all of the water coming off the roof of the building. There are many native plants used in this rain garden and it is a great way to solve two issues at once. Not only do these stream beds and rain garden control water runoff, but they also filter the pollutants out of the water and let it flow back into the underlying soil. 

stream bed

commercial property landscape with mulch and rocks

Water Against Foundation 

The issue, in this case, was that heavy rain was filling up this landscape bed because it is surrounded by concrete. Rain coming off the roof and down the gutter was too much for the bed to handle. Our crew installed solid tubing from the gutter out to the parking lot. The water then went down the storm drain. Now this landscape bed can keep up with the heaviest rain because of the diversion of the roof runoff.

It is very important that the highest point of a landscape bed is always next to the foundation. Having the proper pitch in your landscape bed can be the difference between a wet/musty basement and a dry/safe basement. We recommend that you always use plastic sheeting underneath your landscape rock all the way up against the foundation. This can help ensure that no water is getting to your foundation and it is also a weed preventer! 

Water Pooling in Yard

The customer's yard in the photo below had an issue with water pooling next to their patio. There is proper drainage on the other side of the yard but the water could not travel over the patio. We solved this issue by installing a drain box in the rock bed to catch water that was pooling up. The drain box had drain tile that ran out to the other side of the yard where the water could then properly drain. The photos below capture the before and after of the drainage system being installed. 



Drain tile and drain boxes can be used effectively in many applications. Drain tile can either be solid or perforated. Solid drain tile can be tied into your gutters to ensure that water gets away from the foundation of your home and out to a spot in your yard that has proper drainage. Perforated drain tile can be used when water is pooling or creating a soft spot in your yard. The water seeps into the tile and then passes down it much quicker than it would through the native soil. There are many other cases where drain tile can be useful. Let the experts at Precision share their ideas with you on how to solve your water issues.