Precision Landscaping & Construction Inc.


At Precision, we have been maintaining commercial properties for over 35 years. We know that your property is one of your most important assets and we are here to protect that investment. From lawn care and weed control to snow and ice removal, we will do whatever it takes to keep your property looking beautiful all year long. 

We want to build relationships with our clients. This helps us to tailor our service to best meet our client’s needs. Our goal is to leave a positive footprint wherever we serve and leave no questions on the table.

All of the following are services offered by Precision. Our mowing contracts include the fertilization and weed control, spring and fall clean-ups, and tree and shrub pruning.


     Let us take care of your lawn this upcoming season! Precision’s team can make your property pop. Our trained team can work with you and your property’s needs to make your property stand apart from the rest. Our lawn service visits include mowing, garbage pickup, weed whipping around edges and obstacles, and blowing off all paved surfaces from clippings and leaves. In addition, Precision’s team can also bag, remove, and dispose of the clippings off-site upon request.


     Don’t let pesky weeds overrun your property! Precision is your full-service weed control and fertilization experts. Our fertilization and weed control service is offered from April to November and available as a stand-alone service, which allows you to choose the right application or treatment package for your property’s needs. Precision’s team of trained, licensed, and insured installers will give your turf exactly what it needs to be healthier and have fewer weeds than before. Regular feeding allows your lawn to reach its full potential because thick and healthy grass discourages weed penetration, making them easier to control year after year.

     Our lawn care team will pull weeds in landscape beds around your property and also spray the small and troublesome weeds. This allows us to stay ahead of the weeds and keep your property looking great all season.


     Precision offers Spring startups for your system and will take care of any leaks or broken parts while also programming your system for the season. At the end of the season, Precision will blow all the water out of your system and prepare it for the winter freeze. Full installs and system additions are also offered. 


     Along with our expert mowing services, we also provide spring and fall clean-ups to our customers. Spring and fall clean-ups are key to keeping your property healthy and debris free. We will blow out all the landscape beds, paved surfaces, and then vacuum up the leaves on the lawn while also cutting it. We then suck everything up with our vac-truck leaving you with a clean property, and nothing to worry about.


     Proper pruning of trees and shrubs is key to maintaining health, hardiness, and visual appeal. Precision’s team will trim your property in the spring and fall to keep your plants looking great. With either the spring or fall visit we will deadhead all of the perennials making room for new growth during the next growing cycle.


     Precision can freshen up your lawn each spring! Thatch is a dense layer of organic material that is often composed of broken down leaves, grass clippings, and roots. Thatch is important to a healthy lawn. However, too much thatch in the lawn prevents water and oxygen from getting down to the root system of the grass. Precision offers dethatching service as a standalone service and/or as part of a maintenance contract. We can perform this service using tine thatches, dethatching machines with beater bars, or with manual rakes.


     Core aeration is intended to assist the process of air exchange between the soil and atmosphere to help roots grow deeper and stronger; ultimately leaving you with a healthier lawn. The Precision process of aeration includes removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve the natural soil aeration process. The precision team can aerate your lawn in the spring and fall for best results. Dethatching is done before the aeration for the best result. After the core aeration, we can over-seed to truly give your lawn the best chance at growing in thick and healthy.