Precision Landscaping & Construction Inc.

About Us

Precision Landscape & Construction Inc. was established in 1981 by John Fox and has since been designing, building, and maintaining beautiful landscapes across the greater Twin Cities area.  We strive to be more than a contractor for our clients. Our goal is to be a resource to our clients that they can trust to give them knowledgeable solutions to their unique landscape projects. Our staff is educated, experienced, and motivated to give our clients the best possible experience when working with us.

The owners Josh Fox, and Joby Nolan have developed a set of standards that have been passed down throughout the entire organization. One of our fundamental beliefs is that education and excellence are what sets our organization apart from other contractors. Our staff is certified and licensed in many different areas across the industry including ICPI (International Concrete Pavement Institute), Pesticide application, salt application, and erosion control. Having a knowledgeable staff allows us to operate more effectively and efficiently across the board. Along with this, Safety is our most important core value. The safety of our employees and those around them is the single most important goal of our organization.

We pride ourselves on being an organization that can do it all as a full-service landscape and construction company. In the past few years, we have brought irrigation and fertilization in-house so that we can be a one-stop shop for any landscape or maintenance project that you can think of. Our set of standards and core values make us a contractor you can trust!

Meet Our Precision Professionals



Josh Fox (CEO)

Josh is an owner and the Chief Executive Officer of Precision. Josh has been with Precision since 2008.

Joby Nolan (CFO)

Joby is an owner and the Chief Financial Officer of Precision. Joby has been with Precision since 2009.


Jordan McTague (Landscape Operations Manager)

Jordan is the Landscape Operations Manager at Precision. Jordan has been with Precision since 2010 and became full time in 2017. Jordan also works in sales and marketing.

Bryan Rubin (Lawncare Operations Manager)

Bryan is the Lawncare Operations Manager at Precision. Bryan owned his own lawncare company for many years and has a great deal of experience in the industry. Bryan began working for Precision in 2018.

Sean Martin (Irrigation Operations Manager)

Sean has been in the irrigation industry since 2004 when he started his own company. Sean joined Precision in 2018 and now manages the irrigation division. 

Jared McTague (Landscape Foreman)

Jared is a landscape foreman at Precision. Jared has been with the company since 2012 and became full time in 2018. Jared's focus is on hardscapes and he is ICPI certified. 

Ethan Whaley (Landscape Foreman) 

Ethan is a landscape foreman for Precision. He has been working in the industry since 2014 and been with Precision since 2016. 

Sam Hicks (Shop Supervisor/Mechanic)

Sam is the Shop Supervisor and Mechanic at Precision. Sam has been with Precision since 2012 and became full time in 2015.

Rob McGinty (Lawncare Foreman) 

Rob is a Lawncare Foreman at Precision. Rob has been with Precision since 2018 and has his Turfgrass Maintenance Certification. 

Alex Kane (Lawncare Foreman)

Alex is a Lawncare Foreman with Precision. Alex has been with Precision since 2018 and has his Pesticide Liscense. 

Josh Painter (Lead Irrigation Technician)

Josh is the Lead Irrigation Technician at Precision. Josh has been with Precision since 2015 and has his Turfgrass Maintenence Certification.

Harley (Shop Dog)

Harley is the Shop Dog at Precision. Harley spends his time checking in on everyone and boosting morale. Harley has been with Precision since 2017.

Employees at Precision are Certified Professionals!

Member of the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association

Licensed Pesticide Applicators by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Certified paver installers by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute 

Certified in winter salt application by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Certified paver installers with Borgert Products

Member of the Snow and Ice Management Association

Certified by the Accreditated Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) 

Licensed General Contractors