Precision Landscaping & Construction Inc.

Snow & Ice Management Services

Choose the professionals! Our fast and friendly staff is on call 24/7 to keep your property safe and open during any type of winter weather. We can handle any size property and will do whatever it takes to meet our customer’s needs. Precision is one of the largest self-performing snow removal contractors in Minnesota. We take pride in the fact that we service more than 90 percent of our properties and only sub accounts to trustworthy and long-time service partners. We are not a snow broker. When you choose Precision, you are getting Precision.

Snow Plowing

-During a snow event Precision will have your parking lots cleared before you open and keep them open during the day. After a snow event, our staff will come back to your property and perform a cleanup of any snow that was not able to be plowed because of traffic. We have all the necessary equipment to handle any size snow event.

Sidewalk Clearing and Removal

-Keep your customers and employees safe during a snow event! Precision will have your sidewalks cleared and salted before you open for business and make sure they stay clear all day. Allow us to take the worry away from you and minimize the risk of injury due to slips and falls.

Precision in the Top 100!

We are honored to be named one of Snow Magazines Top 100 snow contractors for the third consecutive snow removal season! We want to thank all of our employees for their hard work as well as our wonderful clients! 

Choose a company with a proven track record. Our business practices have been developed through almost 40 years of work in the snow removal industry. Precision is your trusted snow removal contractor!

Salting Services

-Ice is a major part of winter and something that we take very seriously. Our fleet of salt trucks and sidewalk equipment allow us to treat all parking lots and sidewalks during an ice event. We remain flexible and use the specific form of salt that will be most effective to melt and clear ice off your parking lots and sidewalks.

Salt Certification

We are very cautious about the amount of salt we are using. We like to be as efficient as possible in our salt use so that we do not impact the environment more than we have to. Our staff is certified in salt application by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Our crews practice smart salting techniques and we use a variety of salting methods to stay as efficient as possible.

Below is one of our liquid brine salt trucks. This form of deicing is very efficient because it allows us to use much less salt while achieving better melting rates. The salt is already activated in liquid form and melts ice on contact. Traditional salting methods can waste salt because it can be scattered before it is able to melt ice or it is unable to activate in cold temperatures. 

Snow Hauling and Stacking

-At Precision, we understand that your property is unique and there are places and times when snow cannot be piled up. Our goal is to keep traffic flowing smoothly and maximize the size of your parking lot. We do this by offering snow removal and snow stacking. Another option is to haul out your snow piles or choose to stack snow in a low traffic area.

Parking Lot Sweeping

-Precision will clean up your lot each spring. Over the winter, parking lots collect salt, sand, and other debris. In the spring when the snow is done for the season we will come and clean your parking lot with blowers and our sweeping machine.


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