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Start Thinking Spring Lawn Care!

Start thinking spring lawn care – even though there’s still snow on the ground

It’s always funny at this time of year, your mailbox will start to become inundated with special offers and contracts for lawn care. And it’s March. There’s still snow on the ground. Most of us are just focusing on getting out of the cold for Spring Break – never mind preparing for when it’s warm again here in the frigid tundra of Minnesota! But we’re here to tell you that it really is time to start thinking about the spring and summer lawn services you’ll need this year at your home or business.

Never had a lawn service before?

We hear that a lot. We get a lot of clients who are too busy to take care of their lawn or would just rather spend their free time doing other things (like take advantage of the warm weather while it’s around!) instead of spending all day on Saturday working on their turf. That’s where Precision shines. We help you get and keep your lawn in tip-top shape so that it’s ready to go for weekend hangouts, pool parties and play dates. We take the work out of your lawn so that all you need to do is enjoy it!

Never liked your lawn service before?

We get this a lot, too. There are a lot of less established lawn businesses out there that either doesn’t have the experience, quality of work or level of customer service that we provide. Once a client switches to Precision they stay. They love that they can call us and either talk to someone right away or get a call back before the end of the day. They love that we show up when we say we will and deliver what we promise. Believe it or not, these can be hard to find qualities in a lawn care company. Working with Precision ensures you get the right service at the right price, all the time.

How do I find out more?

We have packages and custom plans available for the 2018 season now. Email us at or call us at 651-437-2305. We’d love to help you achieve the best lawn on the block and take some of the work out of your summer!