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2021 Residential Landscape Trends

Happy New Year from the Precision Team! 2020 was a difficult year for everyone but we are optimistic looking ahead to what 2021 will bring. Something beneficial that we like to do is try to predict trends of what our clients will be looking to add to their landscapes this year. The NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) released an article recently sharing what other industry experts believe to be popular residential landscape trends across the country for 2021 and we think they are right on with some of them!

We want to summarize what trends the article provides as well as give our thoughts on how these trends will look in our region. Three major trends are

-Outdoor Entertaining Areas

The article states that “Outdoor rooms have been popular for years now and commonly pop up on trend prediction lists but now these spaces are receiving a new level of appreciation due to the pandemic.” We agree and we have always tried to offer the idea of creating an outdoor living space for our customers. This is now more relevant than ever. We want to be able to create a space that is safe, functional, and entertaining for friends and families to get together and spend time outdoors!

-Tech in the Landscape

People are spending much more time outdoors and many are looking to add another level of design to their landscaping. We also believe that people want to spend more time enjoying their landscaping and not working on it. The best way to accomplish these goals is by adding technology to your outdoor spaces. Items like landscape lighting, outdoor sound systems, and smart irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular. One thing that people love is that the options are endless with this technology and they really feel like they can customize their homes!

-Increased Environmental Awareness

According to the article, “Another set of trends is increased customer awareness of different environmental issues, but the demand for these really depends on where your market is based. These trends include a desire for more native plants, pollinator gardens, water conservation, and organic lawn care.” While we agree with this statement, we think that the increased awareness comes from homeowners spending more time in their landscapes along with asking questions and doing research about the materials and plants within them. We appreciate it when customers ask questions and want to know more about what is going in their yard and where it comes from. 

If you are interested in incorporating any of these trends into your landscape this year then get in touch with us today by filling out an estimate request!